Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When the urge strikes...Push-Up!

Driving to my physical therapy appointment today I saw something so random I'm convinced a cell phone with a good camera is a must have.

I was headed east on 600 South up to the U near Trolley Square. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed an up-and-down motion along the side of the road.

Paying closer attention, I noticed that the motion was being initiated by a human, with flowing hair...and no shirt. Putting it all together, I then realize it was a shirtless man doing push-ups...on the sidewalk.

Humm, interesting, I thought to myself. You don't see that everyday.

But it got better.

Just after I had the time to process exactly what I was seeing, the man jumped up and seamlessly moved into the motion of walking down the if the push-ups didn't even happen. By now I'm rubbernecking and could have caused impediment, but I slowed my car a bit to watch anyway.

The man, with his large, faded, blackwork tattoo on his shoulder and shirt hanging from his jeans waistband, reached into his back pocket and pulled out a comb. A comb to smooth his chin length brown hair that was messy from the push-ups that tossed it about.

OHMYGAWD! I love the city and I'm buying a new phone. The written description cannot do this post justice.

But if you close your eyes real tight, I know you can see it too.

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