Sunday, March 16, 2014

You ski. I ski. Hold on while I make this awkward.

Single life comes with a bizarre layer of ego that creates some very "neat" opportunities. Put me in a board room and I can play with the best of them. Put me in a social situation with the opposite sex, and this kind of crap happens.

Face down, skis up.
*Reenactment of actual events. 
Case and point. My friend Stacey and I were making mad turns at Solitude this season and I started chatting with a gentleman (ski dude) while traversing after coming off the Sunshine Bowl. We got over to the far side of the mountain and I slapped my skis together and took off.

Like 'jacket flapping in the wind' took off and blazed past the guy and his buddy, feeling rather pleased at my parallel form and wind on my face. 

As I stopped at the bottom, I turned to face up the hill and wait for Stacey. Ski dude approached first and said, "Wow, you totally bombed it down that run. Your friend says you're single." I turned around to say "Thank You," but instead crossed tips and stuffed my face into the snow on the way around. 

He laughs. I laugh. 

Does this pose make me look like less
of a jackass? Didn't think so, but I am charming.
I prop myself up and quip, "You know; when I left the house today I thought, I should totally biff it in front of some dude before I go home. Now, here I am."

He states, "I am so glad I got to see that. It was amazing."

Me to him, "Glad I could assist. My name is Dani."

Him to me, "My name is Mike. Do you blog? Because if you do you should totally write about this." 

I last saw Mike getting onto the chair and have yet so see him again. 

So, "Mike," if you're out there. I'm blogging, and this one is for you. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I might be "Jen"

I didn't start my career in IT. In fact, I started about as far away as I could from Information Technology as the government relations/communications manager of the Chamber of Commerce in a small town in Colorado.

Fast forward 13 years and I find myself not only leaving marketing and communications, but working in the one area that used to make me lose my shit as a kid trying to program the Commadore 64 to make a flappy bird appear in the left hand corner of the TV screen as I sat on the floor in the living room.

Thats right; I'm a young professional with an extensive background in communications and marketing living in the basement of a government IT building who often finds herself answering the question, "How did the Marketing Manager for the Planetarium end up in IT?"

If you've seen the IT Crowd, this post will make a lot more sense. So if that's lacking from your watch list, stop here and go watch a few episodes....or at least watch the linked clip.

I traded in my multimedia deadlines and camera interviewing skills for a new opportunity. Websites are my passion. Websites are created in IT. I go where the websites are.

Image courtesy
But that's where things get a bit tricky.

Like my initial struggle to follow the litany of acronyms and the ITIL certification that I struggle to complete. The first time I was asked what the Deming cycle was, I responded with, "A setting that does not exist on my washing machine." Not that I'm trying to make light of the importance of the lifecycle process, there's just an interesting learning curve when you're used to SWOT, PMS, CPM and HIPPO in daily conversation.

I do, however, understand the importance of technology in a government setting and how customers expect services to be available to them 24/7. Long story short; I'm where I want to be at this point in my career.

But every now and again I pull a strange-ass maneuver that goes down in the books as a reference point for why my coworkers enjoy my being in their arena.

It's called entertainment value.

Case and point. During a meeting today I heard what was presumed to be incessant knocking on the conference room door. At first we all looked at each other waiting to see who would make the first move. With my mad social skills and over-eager personality, I decided to get up and let whomever was knocking into the room.

When I whisked open the door. It was promptly met with a "thud."

The noise was the force of my hand forcing the door into the carpet guy's head. It wasn't knocking we were hearing at all. It was the sound of the carpet guy installing the baseboard strip NEXT TO THE DOOR.

Squealing, I jumped back with many apologies as my coworkers looked on in amazement. "I am SO SORRY! You thought you were here to lay baseboard, instead you got hit in the head!"

After awkwardly backing up to let the door close, I sauntered back to the conference room table and sat staring at the rest of the group, speechless. One of my coworkers piped up, "I nominate Dani to open the door....always."

Which was followed up with, "You know why we keep you down here right? Entertainment value."

"This is your peace of mind Jen, and I'm going to pop it....but I'm not going to tell you when.......
Yup, I just might be Jen.

But you know what? I'll take it. Because at the end of the day, when you take yourself too seriously, it's a long and lonely trip out of this ride called life.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Dear Google,

Thanks for keeping the Vertical Inhibitor intact.....since 2009. I haven't forgotten you, in fact I hadn't really missed you, until recently.

But after a lengthy and inspiring conversation centered about the "why" that has been staring me in the face, I'm coming back. And I'm doing so with a vengeance.

Have I thought about

  • The right thing?
  • Unapologetically putting myself out for the world to see?
  • Standing on top of the mountain and screaming?
  • All of the fun we can have?
The answer is yes. I'll move forward with sharing the clumsy, the funny, the moving, the harsh and the little demon that sits on one shoulder egging me on just to "see what happens."


I'll tell you.

In the words of one of the the most beautiful woman I've known who's memory I cherish every day, "She believed she could so she did."

So I will. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer adventures abound

Where have I been?

A little bit here:

Antelope Island, SLC, UT. I'm quickly developing a fondness for this place, some pretty good ST and beautiful scenery.

And here:

Yellow Fork Trail, Oquirrh Mountain area UT. Nice and steep. However, it's a shared trail with horses - which combined with rainy weather can lead to copious amounts of horse poop and mud getting jammed in SPD pedals - hence the 'turtle' action in this pic.

And here:

Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon, Escalante UT. My first attempt at canyoneering. Ever. Gorgeous, but this trip was a bit scary for me. Looking forward to another attempt at climbing around in slot canyons to see how I fare.

And, very briefly, here...

Another nice shot from Escalante, UT at the Spooky slot canyon entrance

I do feel compelled to write about my summer adventures, but when it comes to writing my stories, I find myself driven to the outdoors rather than the computer screen. So I give to you the ADHD method of documentation. That's right, PICTURES! And thanks to my good friend, Jared Hargrave, video.

When I take the time to slow down a bit, I'll do a better job of telling you about where the good stuff is; because trust me - I'm finding it. In the meantime, surf my links.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's lesson, "B"

It occurred to me this weekend while peddling up switchbacks on Antelope Island, that this season, all my favorite things start with the letter "B."

1. Bikes
2. Beers
3. Boy (Jason, of course!)
4. BBQ
5. Beauty

It makes for a very nice mantra as I'm plodding along through life.