Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I wanna go home...or beat something up

Either way. I'd be happy.

As I sit with Sam Adams on coffee table, ipod playing Tool, camera plugged in, cell phone open and no less than 6 tabs open in Firefox....My head's racing.

I'm grouchy. Thankful. Anxious. Searching. Thrilled. Jaded. Relieved. Rocking out. Missing my training. Missing the Rockslide. Missing my Mom and Dad.

What a mess.

Places I'd rather be than my couch: My bike. The river. A rock. My dojo floor. Making contact with my kick bag. Jamaica (or other applicable island). The Junk. Dirt. Dirt. Dirt. Oh, and dirt; I've been entirely too clean this season.

Places I'm glad I'm not: My last place of residence. The hospital. Stuck in traffic. Stuck in my shell of a brain and body circa 5 years ago.

What I'll do next: Attempt to shadow box sitting down. Listen to music louder. Bounce my head harder. Visualize myself on top of that mountain back home, in a gi, doing the strongest kata of my life.

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