Monday, August 4, 2008

The Universe and my underpants

I tried really hard to not post this blog tonight, but the rational side of my brain has lost the battle....It's a bit too much information, but it is relevant all the same.

I have come to the conclusion that, for now, events in my life have a direct correlation to malfunctioning underpants. Not in a gross way, more in a "Wow. That's pretty inconvenient," kind of way.

Like last week. On the day my house deal began to implode. When I arrived at home, I could not believe how something that started so right, could go so wrong.

Late in the evening I noticed that the underpants, they were on upside down (yes, that's right - I call it upside down when I get dressed in the dark and manage to put the underwear on inside-out. Um, yes, it happens more often than I'd like to admit).

Today, oddities all around me and still more of the house conundrum. Just when I thought I was done dealing with the surprises...Things get just a bit dumber. For example, the moving company informing us that we could not get our deposit back. After two phone calls of being informed that we could get our deposit back if something fell apart or needed to change (with the most recent call being last Thursday), they have informed us today that they will keep the funds.

Dumber yet, was that the underpants decided to feature spontaneously combusting elastic in the leg...And they're new! But I left them there, all crooked and awful, adding to my grouchy, literally lopsided, disposition until I arrived home.

Tonight, as I sit here typing in my lounge pants, I'm contemplating one word quietly to myself ,


It's worth a try.

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