Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Twitter a Mac hater?

As the Marketing Manager for Clark Planetarium, I spent last night in preparation for my presentation to the board of directors about how our organization can better promote itself in the digital arena. As part of my investigation I have not once, not twice, but three times tried to get my Twitter account set up and functional to demonstrate its capabilities.

I set up my account. Tell my computer to remember the password and username as I log into the site after setting up my account. Leave a tweet. Log out. And boom, the next time I try to log in - either using my remembered username and password or typing it in (yes I am using the correct login) this silly page tells me:

I'm out of patience. I invited my group of friends to follow me on this site, now I can't reset my password and I've used up two good usernames that are now registered as taken.

I hear Plurk is a good alternative. Sorry Twitter, you're either a Mac hater or you just plain don't have your act together. Either way, I'm moving on.

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