Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At least the furniture is protected...

After spending the last hour trying to adhere "Soft Paws" to my cat's feet so she will stop turning everything in my house into scratch post matter, I am now covered in super glue, nail polish remover and lighter fluid.

While I enjoy the protection that the vinyl nail protectors provide my furniture, I will think twice about trying to stabilize a cat between my legs, shoo away a dog and maneuver two tubes of super glue at the same time.

After releasing said cat, trying to pick cat hair out of the quickly drying super glue and ultimately smearing more super glue on to the night stand, I ventured into the bathroom to determine what strength of chemical was best to remove the mess from my hands.

I am now my own personal chemistry set, my eyes burn and a couple of my fingertips are lacking the fingerprints that used to accompany them.

Oh, and yes, the cat will kill me in my sleep if she gets the chance.

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