Thursday, January 17, 2008

When sales and science collide....

I don't know much about what this picture is, other than it involves a motherboard and is taking place in my kitchen right now.

I came upstairs after dinner for a bit and when I went back down, this is what I found.

I giggle, snap a couple of pictures and come back up to the office because once again, I'm struck by the differences in this relationship that ultimately allow things to work as well as they do.

I sell stuff. Pretty simple. I'm a strategic thinker who likes to solve problems. I also like to take on a lot of projects - keeps me out of trouble. Oh, and I'm powered largely by caffiene and can be a bit on the 'extremely alert' side.

Jason is a scientist. An analytical thinker who is always looking for a new factoid to learn. Chemistry, particle physics, building computer components - these are the things he's reading about or playing with in his free time. And he's sooooooooo grounded and calm.

I ask a lot of questions.

He has a lot of answers - and the methodology behind why things are the way they are....and the history of how they came to be. This way, I get to learn something new.

I lose things.

He gently leans over and pulls the sunglasses I've been searching for off the top of my head. After that, I can finally leave the house.

I burn myself, a lot.

He laughs his ass off...So I can stop swearing, and start to laughing too.

It works well for us. I think I help him too somedays - maybe I'm the comic relief he was always searching for. And I'm cute, so that helps.

So whether he is building motherboards in my kitchen, or dissentigrating concrete with chemical compounds in the driveway, I'll always admire the mad scientist I found on a barstool in Colorado and decided I just couldn't live without.

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