Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A new hip for dani part II - The freakout

I'm done with the logical, motivating speak regarding my hip replacement. After reading my surgery packet over dinner and visiting a truly horrifying website.....Two things.

1. All the people in the brochures and instructive diagrams are wrinkly and hunched over.
I'm not wrinkly and I don't want to use a stick with a grabber claw to put on my underwear! OH PLEASE SAY THAT'S NOT GOING TO BE ME

2. I totally suck at leaving things that say "Enter at your own risk" alone.
Oh, yea - To the asshat that put the real pictures of a total hip replacement on the virtual tour website: WTF! FO! OMG! ETC! When you do things like that, you make people like me click the button that clearly takes that person on an adventure they don't need to be on. That looks like something out of Monster Garage and I was perfectly happy pretending that I would be handled with loving care. I know, silly fantasy, but now it's gone. THANKS A LOT

Anyone else wanting the virtual experience? www.

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