Sunday, March 16, 2014

You ski. I ski. Hold on while I make this awkward.

Single life comes with a bizarre layer of ego that creates some very "neat" opportunities. Put me in a board room and I can play with the best of them. Put me in a social situation with the opposite sex, and this kind of crap happens.

Face down, skis up.
*Reenactment of actual events. 
Case and point. My friend Stacey and I were making mad turns at Solitude this season and I started chatting with a gentleman (ski dude) while traversing after coming off the Sunshine Bowl. We got over to the far side of the mountain and I slapped my skis together and took off.

Like 'jacket flapping in the wind' took off and blazed past the guy and his buddy, feeling rather pleased at my parallel form and wind on my face. 

As I stopped at the bottom, I turned to face up the hill and wait for Stacey. Ski dude approached first and said, "Wow, you totally bombed it down that run. Your friend says you're single." I turned around to say "Thank You," but instead crossed tips and stuffed my face into the snow on the way around. 

He laughs. I laugh. 

Does this pose make me look like less
of a jackass? Didn't think so, but I am charming.
I prop myself up and quip, "You know; when I left the house today I thought, I should totally biff it in front of some dude before I go home. Now, here I am."

He states, "I am so glad I got to see that. It was amazing."

Me to him, "Glad I could assist. My name is Dani."

Him to me, "My name is Mike. Do you blog? Because if you do you should totally write about this." 

I last saw Mike getting onto the chair and have yet so see him again. 

So, "Mike," if you're out there. I'm blogging, and this one is for you. 

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