Monday, January 5, 2009

The frosty side of SLC

My back's a bit tired and the left side of my ass is frozen from the inside out, but I found the cold, quiet of the evening a much needed end to a busy day.

From opposite sides of the driveway come the sounds from Jason and I with our shovels...

Scrape, ka-thud.
Scrape, ka-thud.
Scrape, ka-thud.
(Pause, stretch, switch)
Scrape, ka-thud....

I looked up to see the tops of the trees and the mountain behind seemingly glimmering from the reflection of the clouds and city lights. Amazing. It's the beauty and quiet of a snowstorm that slows me inside a bit. I'm cold, but I'm calm and that's what I really need.

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SEDG said...

Some of my best times have been walking or shoveling within that bubble of the quietness of snow. I am with you there girl