Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am the ADHD poster child

Somewhere between remodeling, trying to directly influence company revenue and holiday functions galore this season, I've had just about enough energy to remember that it is the exhale that comes after the inhale as I breathe.

I do it every year. Play too much, work too much and inevitably decide to take on something new during the holidays to try and make me feel like I'm having more fun. This year, I donned myself the baker which resulted in nothing short of the Betty Crocker bomb going off in my kitchen. In a frenzy I surrounded myself with pounds of peppermint candy, zucchini apple bread, rice krispie treats (which the cats helped themselves to after finding the treats on the top of the fridge ) and enough cookies to feed a small army.

So now that two of the big three holidays are passed, I find myself looking to prioritize and plan new direction. I'm making a list for myself - and no, I won't call it any sort of new year's resolution - because that is cliche and quite frankly, is the only sure fire way to guarantee it won't get done.

1. Finish the bathroom - Like, NOW
2. Fill my punching bag with the 100lbs of sand that is sitting in the garage
3. Get back to my kata
4. Finish the stack of books that are half read on my nightstand
5. Find a new gym - or yoga studio - or some place where I can go sweat and not leave feeling pissed off and inadequate
6. Unpack the box that has been sitting next to my dresser since September
7. Try snowshoeing or cross country
8. Pull the Pranayama CD out of the wrapper that I bought months ago
9. Finish the computer upgrade I started months ago

As I put this together I see the common thread - Finish that which you start. Maybe I'm looking more at a new mantra instead of a task list. My epiphany, in this moment of typing, is that the scattered feeling inside is coming from running around doing a lot of different things, but not taking the time to see them through. I'm going to tackle this so I can feel a clearer path of direction set before me.

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