Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sneezing in the dust mask is messy

And so is ripping out multiple layers of shit off the floor so we can remodel the bathroom.

Discoveries I made today:

  1. I'm a sucker for loud noise, big tools and breaking stuff.

  2. The original paint on the walls of my house were Crest colored green.

  3. If you smack the floor hard enough with a sledgehammer, you can actually knock part of the wall off the bathroom in the basement down below....didn't particularly care for the gold glittered masonite much anyway, no love lost.

  4. True to form - as with ANY home project involving tools or flame, I had an injury. Tried to fillet my thumb with glazed porcelain tile - turns out that stuff is REALLY sharp.

  5. Apparently the toilet in this particular bathroom leaked for some time. And the tar paper that was placed on top of the sub floor to act as a water barrier did not work.

  6. There were many layers on the floor. Layer #1: sub floor (good), layer #2: tar paper (not good), layer #3: particle board (uh, also not good), layer #4: turquoise with gold glitter laminate, layer #5: mortar, layer #6: backer board, layer #7: mortar and finally layer #8: the porcelain tile. Layers 8 - 4 are gone. Layers 3 and 2 are in progress and #1 will have to be cut out and replaced from leaky toilet listed above (and to think, I was planning on banging out some tile then laying more later in the week...HA!)

  7. Sneezing in the dust mask creates horrible splash back onto your face and will splatter into safety goggles if said mask is not properly in place.
More updates to follow - in the meantime, here's some snapshots below.

Discovery of original paint color, goofy laminate and finding a good place to start yanking tile...

Demo Dani...Not pretty, but sure a lot of fun. Safety first!

And, this is about the point where I started swearing at the discovery of many additional layers that needed removal/replacement.


Shlee said...

I love your Demolition outfit!

vertical inhibitor said...

Yes, I had to giggle at myself - looking like a bit of an ass hat here. Next stop HGTV!