Saturday, September 27, 2008

Contractor parade

Week one in new home.

While we have successfully escaped the suburbs (and could not be more excited about our new location), we have been busy with projects, both planned and unplanned that have led to meetings/repair work with the following:

Electrician guys
Plumber #1
Plumber #2
Home Depot installer guy
Sears garage door guy
Cultured marble shower guy
ReBath guy
JC Penney window coverings girl

The cats are doing aerial assaults on each other from the stacks of boxes yet unpacked. The master shower leaks into the basement laundry room and mismatched sheets cover the windows in the master bedroom.

And, because none of my adventures are complete without injury, I'm walking around while appearing to be simultaneously flipping people off with one hand and trying to hi-five them with the other...A late night finger smashing followed by a battle with a boxcutter have left the digits a bit on the sore side.

I'm beginning to feel a bit like Shelley Long in The Money Pit...


Ali said...

That will be us in a few months. Where did you end up getting a place?

vertical inhibitor said...

We're bordering Sugarhouse and loving every minute of it. Commutes are half of what they used to be and the neighborhood is incredibly friendly. When are you planning on moving?