Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm bubbly? I'm bubbly!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Nope, I'm not grouchy. I'm bouncy, skippy and just a bit amused with stuff. Oh, and the first part of this blog is being typed with one hand, while the other hand directs a freshly-baked butterscotch chip cookie right into my mouth - it's fabulous.

Even better, is that Jason was nice enough to bake cookies tonight and hand them to me during trips back and forth to the kitchen as I blog surf.

It's not just cookies that make me happy - they just make things better.

I'm happy because:
  1. I met my hubby in a bar and thinking about that story made me smile today.

  2. My family makes me glad I have them to call my family.

  3. I've got an amazing group of friends that are fun, caring and continually introduce me to cool new people as well as helping me discover different areas of my own personality.

  4. Beer always tastes better in the summer.

  5. I'm finally running my air conditioning on a regular basis.

  6. I can legitimately say I'm doing work while playing with a huge pile of toys on my desk.

  7. My physical therapist makes me feel like a rockstar.

  8. I walked all by myself for 25 feet today (it was kinda wobbly and a bit ugly, but I DID IT!).

  9. I'm able to visualize myself wearing my gi and my belt again.

  10. The mountains outside my home are beautiful.

  11. I love the color green and it's all around me.

  12. Little white dogs with brown ears make the world a better place.

  13. Did I mention hot, gooey cookies?

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