Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Living the life.....of a much older woman

It has come down to this:

Compression stockings - check
Slipper Socks to warm chilly toes - check
Slip on Crocs over slipper socks- check
Decorative Cane - check
Messy hair from nap - check
Hollering at Buster to stop eating junk off the ground while standing on the back porch... OMG!

The only elements missing from this picture are the knitting needles, a big ass ball of yarn and thick reading glasses. I already have the adult potty chair and shower chair to boot.

I'm can't help but think I'm supposed to be learning something from all of this. So far, I think it has something to do with developing a nursing home for spunky adults.

On the list of amenities: Turbo-charged scooters, ipod docks, therapy dogs, therapy cats, happy hour, BBQ mixers and big screen TVs.

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